As per the rules of Roulette in Europe, there are 37 spots where the ball can land. Among them, 18 have red, 18 have black, and the remaining one has green as zero. The House wins if the ball lands on the green spot. Houses have the probability of winning 2.7%. In all the other cases, the player wins, and ratio for payout is up to 35:1, plus the original deposit made.

There are two types of bets available in Roulette, called inside and Outside Bet. A Brief of each of them is as follows:

Inside Bets:

In this type of bets, you can enjoy better returns on your deposit. However, the better return accompanies more risk as well. Different types bets used in Inside Bet are as follows:

Outside Bets:

In this type of Bets, you will not be getting that much of returns as in the Inside Bets. Please remember that zero is not included in this type of roulette bets. A Brief of the types is as follows:

Besides these, different variants are there for Roulettes. They are as follows:

French Variant: Here you get half of your deposits returned when the ball lands zero. However, to enjoy this facility, you are to make the bets in even money, like the color, or even/odd, or High/low types of bet.

American variant: There are two zeros; hence, the winning percentage of the house is more. Clearly, it is risky for you.