Basic Blackjack Strategy: Play and Win

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. You may find blackjack tables in every land and online casino, as they are established there from the very beginning of the casino history. It is not difficult to learn its rules and learn how to play, but it's not enough for successful play, as you should know the basic strategy of a game.

The Blackjack Strategy is based on the mathematics of a play. The strategy has been proven automatically and is represented in chart form. There exist charts for:

The basic blackjack strategy helps players to do most profitable decisions and determine when to Hit, Stand, Double Down, Surrender or Split. Knowing blackjack basic strategy you'll be able to make proper decisions in each playing situation and you winning chances will arise.

The strategy charts advice how to play player's first two cards and the dealer's first one. You have a great opportunity to become familiar with a set of advice how to play different card combinations.

Play Hard Hands

8 or less - always Hit

9 - Double (dealer has 3 through 6) or Hit

10 - Double (2 through 9) or Hit

11 - Double (2 through 10) or Hit (dealer has an Ace)

12 - Hit (2 or 3), Stand (dealer has 4 through 6) or Hit

13-16 - Stand (2 through 6) or Hit

17-21 - always Stand.

Play Soft Hands

Ace 2 or Ace 3 - Double (dealer has 5 or 6) or Hit

Ace 4 or Ace 5 - Double (4 through 6) or Hit

Ace 6 - Double (3 through 6) or Hit

Ace 7 - Stand (dealer has 2, 7, or 8), Double (3 through 6) or Hit

Ace 8 or Ace 9 - always Stand.

Play Pairs

Aces or 8s - always Split.

2s or 3s - Split (dealer has 2-7) or Hit

4s - Split (dealer has 5 or 6) or Hit

5s - Double (2 through 9) or Hit

6s - Split (2 through 6) or Hit

7s - Split (2 through 7) or Hit

9s - Split (2 through 6, and 8, 9) or Stand (dealer has 7, 10, Ace)

10s - always Stand.

Hope, our schemes will help you to memorize blackjack strategy and use it on practice.