Legal notice

We are aware of your right to protect your Personal Information. That's why we don't force you to give us such information if you aren't willing to do so.

If you choose to fill up our registration form, you will have to fill up some required fields, and we will not use any information obtain from you without your permission.

You can use our site without providing personal data to us.

There are cases when you have to give some limited information about you, for example, if you want to enter some contests, or to subscribe to magazine.

Gathered information can be used if you choose to receive our newsletters or mails from our business partners, but it is strictly optional. If you would like to receive some special offers from third parties, you have to authorize us to share your address with that company.

Registration can sometimes be a condition for receiving some special offers, but your acceptance is only up to you.

When you decide to give us some personal information for some special occasion, we will use obtained information for designated purpose only.

Your e-mail address can be used for sending you some offers or newsletter, but you can decide not to receive such mails in any time; you just have to inform us about your decision.

We can be forced to disclose your personal information in some Law related matters, or if we strongly believe that it is necessary for any legal issues.

In case of some form of future association with other companies, your information would be at their disposal, but under the same conditions like with our company.

We take all the necessary precautions in protecting the information obtained from you.

When you choose to enter any of the sites linked to our pages, if they are not acting as our agents in conducting particular parts of our offer, you have to be aware of the fact they may have different Privacy policy, and act accordingly. We recommend you to read their Terms, also.

In case of changes in our Policy, we will put the announcement about that changes on our site, at visible place. In any case, we will not manage your personal data without your consent.