Sign Up Bonus

In order to have the Sign -Up bonus options, there are different methodologies for different Casinos. As the name suggests, this bonus scheme applies to the first timers in the Casino gaming. Once they sign up for the game, the bonus schemes applies on them, provided they have fulfilled the clauses.

Terms and Conditions

As for example, in some game sites, right after signing up, the bonus amount is added with the deposited amount. The user is required to make requests for that. In some other cases, however, a different situation arises. Here the bonus facility is optional, and if any user wishes to have the facility, he/she has to request the game service provider for the facility.

That is why, we always recommend you to go through the different terms and conditions offered by the service provider thoroughly. By having a closer look on the terms and conditions, things will surely be easy for you to decide which offer suits your need most and one is not at all.

How to Deposit

The amount you will be getting as result of the employment of the bonus schemes are a matter of several concerns. Usually, both the percentage rates and the amounts deposited play a vital role here. The percentage of bonus charged in the range of 100% is certainly a very good option to choose, but the terms related with it are often important as well. Generally, in these cases, the providers fix the upper and lower limit for the deposits.

This means that you will not be getting the bonus as a percentage of your deposited amount if you have deposited an amount less than the lower limit. On the other hand, if you have deposited a hefty amount, say a million where the maximum limit is thousand dollars, clearly you cannot expect the bonus in terms of millions. In this case, you are to follow the rules set by the service providers again.

However, in an exception case, certainly you can have the facility of this type of bonus options. However, they comprise a very harsh rule, and often they involve considerable amounts of risks. Therefore, understand the terms very carefully; else, they will fetch huge loss for you.

Amount to Wager

Whenever we are considering the sign-up bonus facilities, one parameter comes into play is the requirements related with the wagering amounts. Wagering amount is the amount in terms of money, which you are to pay to the Casino before you wish to access your account for money withdrawals. If you do not pay the wagering amount, immediately your deposit account will be automatically sealed, and you cannot take money from the account for deposition anymore. The amount varies from one Casino to another. The signup bonuses play a very effective role in this regard.

You can meet the requirements of the wagering amount by the bonus amounts they are offering. However, in some Casinos, the wagering amount is to be paid separately, and unless you do so, they will not pay the bonus amount as well. In some Casinos, you are required to pay the amount right after you sign up. In fact, some Casinos put stricter restrictions on those games, which are easy to play and earn.

In order to have the ideas regarding the offerings of the Casinos, the technologies used by them, surely you can try our homepage. Our database will certainly help you to shortlist the Casinos depending on these parameters.