The game of Baccarat varies with the number of decks, and the number of decks can be either six or eight. The cards, which has numerical value lesser compared with 10 are only relevant in this game. Cards are distributed among the players, and the cards having values below 10 are summed up. The summed value closest to 10 is the winner.

In any case, the sum total goes beyond 10, then, as per the rules, the right most digits are considered only. As for example, you have a card value 17, then your considered value is 7. Any other player has the card value of 8 only, still he/she is the winner, despite you had a total of 17.

Three options are available for the players to bet on, called Banko, Punto, and Standoff. Two cards are distributed between Player and the Bank. After shuffling, Player gets the initial card, and bank gets the next. Their card values are summed up, and the maximum value is the winner. Depending on situation, both Player and Bank can opt for a third additional card.

Rule for the additional or third card for player

Additional Options

Advantage % of Houses is different, like for banks, it is 1.17%, for players it is 1.36%, and for a tie situation, it is 14.12%.